Monday, November 05, 2012

The Love of hop!

The Love of hop!
We're on a roll now!  Possum Creek Herb Farm is hosting a Blog Hop all day today. Please feel free to link up with us. It's easy. Just visit Possum Creek's Facebook page often during the day. As each blog hopper writes his or her blog entry for the day, they will put the link on our Facebook page and link back up here with my blog post as well.

The love of herbs started out pretty simply for me over twenty years ago. A small backyard garden (and I mean small) was filled in with whatever herbs I could find locally. Back then it was chive, parsley, sage and maybe a lavender or two. Once I found the few herb companies that were even on the internet back then I would save up a little money and place an order. When we moved from that house in 1996 I dug up over 100 herb plants out of that garden and brought them with us to Soddy Daisy where they lived on the front porch for several months until beds could be built.

What those first few years of growing and playing with the herbs did was give me time to really learn what each herb offered. Back in the early nineties information was found in books and those books were often scarce. The best to learn was to actually find an herbalist, an herb grower, or an herb business owner which around our part of the country was severely lacking. We often travelled to North Carolina stopping at little herb farms along the way. No one was shy in sharing info so notebooks were filled and gardens grew larger. That really was how the farm came into being. The gardens were so full that I had to take cuttings and start sharing (hubby thought it best to be SELLING not sharing) and Possum Creek Herb Farm was born in 1998.

Fast forward (incredibly fast actually) and Possum Creek is an operation that my family can be proud of. We help other herb businesses by providing many of their stock via wholesale, we ship all over the United States through our retail site and here just recently we have started an Herbal CSA (community suuported agriculture) which offers shares of the farm's bounty for either a half of year or an entire year. Please visit our website and click on the Herbal CSA link for more info. This is an important project for us here and we hope you will join us on that journey.

There are many more plans for the farm in the years ahead. There doesn't seem to be a lack of ideas and I often find myself going back to those notebooks from the early nineties and bringing that idea up to date. I guess the sky really is the limit.  

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