Saturday, August 08, 2009

Chattanooga Market....summer is at its best

July was such a gentle month in the way of weather. Cooler than normal temps and several days of rain made for weird gardening or no gardening at all. Tomatoes stayed green, squash didn't well make squash and zucchini was missing from the family table. But oh how things changed when temps heated up again. We're baking in the upper 90s now but the gardens are producing like gain busters. Dozens of tomatoes and peppers are being harvested several times a week and even the weeds seem to be behaving in the heat.

We're still going strong at the Chattanooga Market. Oh sure, plant sales are trickling off, but we would be surprised if they didn't. Seasonings and tea sales have been brisk which gives us the motivation to create more blends for the fall. And the bath brews are making a comeback as they always do about the time kids are heading back to school. I had to laugh today when I looked at the calendar and realized that in four months we'll be doing our annual Holiday Market. Last year it was in the low 30s for the entire weekend. Maybe that will keep me a little cooler tomorrow when my shoes stick to the pavement on the way out to the car. "Jingle Bells...Jingle Bells...Jingle all the way..."

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See ya Sunday....