Sunday, October 14, 2012

CSA from Possum Creek Herb Farm

A PSA about a CSA from Possum Creek
Sometimes it's the little things that make a person really happy. Sometimes it takes something really big that has been a part of you for a while and that thing just falls into place like it was meant to be. I think this may be just that thing.  After several months of planning I am happy to say that I can now offer shares in an Herbal CSA here at the farm. What is an Herbal CSA you ask? Please read on and I hope you will join me in this endeavor.
Herbal CSA

 Herbal CSA (community supported agriculture) Full and Half Shares are an easy way to have quality herbal products at your fingertips all year long from a company you have trusted for almost two decades. As part of the herbal community you help the farmer by prepaying for a full or half share of the herbal bounty. A full share is an entire year (four quarters) of herbal products while a half share is a half year (two quarters).

Nov./Dec. 2012 Readying for Winter: An assortment of herbal tinctures to combat the cold and flu season (Elderberry, Echinacea, Holy Basil), Winter Thyme Tea, Basil Roasting Mix Seasoning, current issue of The Essential Herbal Magazine, lip balm, recipes and handout explaining how to use everything you receive. 

Feb./March 2013 Spring Cleaning: An assortment of helpful cleaning kits that you can add simple household ingredients to in order to create healthy products to rid your home of winter's blahs, Tinctures of Nettles or other springtime tonic tincture, laundry sachets, tea, current issue of The Essential Herbal Magazine, recipes and handout. 

May/June 2013 Planting Thyme: An assortment of seeds and 10 plants to get your garden growing for the summer, full color garden plan to inspire you, current issue of The Essential Herbal, recipes, tea and soap to wash off the dirt at the end of the day. 

Aug./Sept. Harvest Thyme: An assortment of products to enjoy all Fall long. Teas (2), Bonfire Chai, Seasonings or dried herbs (2), a kitchen wreath to snip from when creating wonderful Fall soups, a cookbooklet written by Possum Creek Herb Farm, and some good smelling stuff such as a room spray or potpourri.

 Disclaimer: there is always a possibility that one or more items may not be available. However, I shall insure that you are satisfied with each share that you receive. Weather and other life events do sometimes throw a wrench in the works. You will be notified of any changes to the current lineup of shares.

 What does it cost?  Full Shares are $200.00 and half shares are $110.00.   Shares can be mailed or picked up with prior notification at farmers markets during the regular season.

 Only twenty full shares will be sold so please order soon.   

Thank you for your support of this new endeavor! 

Michele Brown

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