Saturday, September 01, 2012

What's New...

The summer season is still hanging on but there is a difference in the light and in the air. There is actually a hint of a breeze from the north. The summer has been hot. Okay, it has been hell hot but September is finally here and that means here in the south "something's got to give".

It has been a summer of change and of new opportunities. A change in the partnership here at the farm has also put a change in my perspective on how the business is doing and where is it that I want it to go.  Funny how things get into a rut and then when you give it all a little shake it brings things to the top that should be or could be changed.  Some of the changes won't be too obvious except to those who follow me religiously (my stalkers as I like to call them). Some may notice a cleaner, crisper logo. Some may notice new products in my booth at the farmers markets and some may notice that the farm is in a new venue.  If you have been snoozing through my Facebook posts then here's your chance to catch up.

This fall's lineup of new products that will make their way to the website but can be found on Sundays at the Chattanooga Market and starting Friday, September 7th at the General Store at Warehouse Row (Market Street, downtown Chattanooga) includes a wide variety of teas some of which you may be familiar with and some you may not.  The Herbfarmer's Fruit Tea is full of goodness straight off the farm. Rosehips, lemongrass, hibiscus, peppermint and a dash of orange peel gives the tea a fun, fruity flavor that can be drank hot or cold. Last year I introduced Autumn Apple Spice Tea but tweaked it ever so slightly for this year's fall season. Larger chunks of local dried apples, cinnamon and lots of clove blended with green tea.  There are so many new varieties I can't pick just one favorite but this one comes close. Bonfire Chai Tea, 4 ounces of yummy spicy goodness with ingredients such as organic ginger root, cinnamon, Red Rooibos tea, Assam Tea, cardamon, nutmeg, cloves, and vanilla bean. Contains caffeine but with flavors like that WHO CARES?  Soaps, seasonings such as Curry Thai, and Herbs De Provence along with tub teas (yep, tea you can throw in your bath) round out some of the first introductions for fall. More to come. I have discovered new labeling and packaging ideas that I am having fun using. Check out the booth on Sundays and soon online at

Some of you will notice a new lineup of plants that will be available for the Wholesale 2013 season. Pricing is a little different too. It has been levelled off so everything is now of similar pricing. The procedures in place are a little different but makes more sense for you and for me. A lot of it is now automated so you can click on a link to take you to the online cart for wholesale and order there quickly or download a pdf link of the order form that you can email back to me. Anything to make it easier and faster for all of us.  Retail is undergoing a change too. Some of the plants that did not sell or hold up in the heat are going away with new varieties taking their place. Stay tuned. I almost have that done.

Oh and lest I forget, big announcement is coming on Tuesday so be sure to check back here and on Facebook.

Until Tuesday, have a great Labor Day weekend!

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