Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tuesday Update

Yesterday was one of those days no one wants to have repeated. My website was one of the millions that crashed for about nine hours. Not by anything I did though I thought I broke it when I loaded the Paypal software (wait for it) but no, it was actually something that GoDaddy did. Professionals that they are I was up just as quickly as possible with no loss of data. You know that sinking feeling that something or everything was going to be gone? Yep...in spades. Luck was on my side and everything was pretty much in place.  I was hopeful that Tuesday would be a better day.
Tuesday seemed to start off quickly as the hours spun by. I know that I had a cup of coffee and watched about an hour of morning tv. Today was special as it was the anniversary of 9/11 and I try very hard to watch some of the footage to remind myself how lucky my family and I to live in this country. I hear you too....USA! USA! USA!  After that one quiet hour it seemed everything just flew by. Dad stopped by and we worked putting back together one of the greenhouses that had been cleaned. We rearranged tables and tossed out some broken pots and trays. Now it's ready for the potting and seed starting that will commence in a few weeks. Found out the riding mower is sort of broke but a plan is in place to get it fixed. Clock spinning faster. You know what I mean? 
Spent a good portion of the afternoon updating the Wholesale portion of the website. Quite a nice selection of plants will be offered in the 2013 season, if I say so myself. I spent a lot of my time on the page that really explains the entire process. Hopefully it will answer a lot of questions and speed up the process for those that want to place wholesale orders.  Started updating the Retail page as well. Still need to add some products and pictures and will finish that before the week is over. I did add PayPal to the payment options which I hope folks will like. Just email me if you have questions.
Don't forget to order your copy of our new ebook "An Elder Gathering". It is available on the website on the Retail page. We are all very proud of this project. I am hoping we can do something like this again someday.
Hope everyone had a good day. Tomorrow will be another busy day.  Michele

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