Friday, April 17, 2009

Thyme to Plant the Herb Garden

Herbs...herbs...herbs....orders have been coming in since January for everything from Basil to Thyme and we're so happy to see them finally go out of the greenhouses and into the mail or into the brown truck. Being that herbs are so easy to grow we often wonder why everyone doesn't grow them. They don't require an enormous amount of space and they thrive on benign neglect. They just need sun, some afternoon shade and water along with some well draining soil. Herbs will often grow in rocky soil and some even prefer that.

In the southern region of the country many herb gardens are already in and are giving their owners a daily fragrant harvest. Here in the mid-south we're still waiting on some drier weather before beginning the planting. If you have been reading our blog you know we're working on revamping the backyard into victory gardens. Well, the raised beds are built, dirt has been delivered and the kids will be wheelbarrowing the dirt into the beds on Saturday. We added an additional bed for just herbs such as Parsley, Sage, French Tarragon, Lovage (love my Lovage), Chervil and so on. I will have a couple of pots full of mint and want to start a Bay once again since my ten year old Bay died last fall.

Up north the weather is much improved since a few weeks ago. Garden centers are opening up and many offer our herbs in their selections. Planting begins after the last frost date which can vary depending upon where you live.

So, from our farm to your garden Possum Creek offers some of the healthiest and strongest herb plants on the market. Try some in your garden this spring. or if you live in the Chattanooga area come see us at the Chattanooga Market every Sunday from 11:00-4:00 (eastern) beginning April 26th.

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