Saturday, June 07, 2008

Herb of the Week at the Chattanooga Market

We have been enjoying getting reacquainted with friends, customers and new gardeners over the past several weeks at the Chattanooga Market. While the weather has been more wet than dry (no complaints here, though) sales of organically grown potted herb plants have been extremely good. What that is telling Pat and I is that Chattanooga and the surrounding area are planting gardens like never before. Whether out of necessity or entertainment or whether it is just the cycle we're in, people are asking questions, buying plants and planting containers, raised beds, small and large gardens. Many are combining herbs with their vegetables or growing their herbs near the kitchen door and grill with the intent of using them not just looking at them.

Pat and I have enjoyed answering many questions about herbs. We are often seen with an herb book in one hand and a plant in the other as we try to answer vital questions. So, with that in mind, we would like to introduce something we did with much success in the fall of 2006. We would like to bring back the Herb of the Week to our booth at the Chattanooga Market. Each week we will highlight one particular species of herb by offering handouts featuring home care, craft and culinary uses for the herb. And as before, we will offer the highlighted Herb of the Week herb at a discount.

This coming Sunday, June 8th, Herb of the Week will be lavender. Lavender is very hardy to our area with a little help from you. Planting lavender that is hardy to zone 6-7 is the first step. Possum Creek only grows lavender that is hardy to our area so the search is done for you. Adding a mulch of white gravel around each plant ensures that the heat and humidity is thrown back to the foliage and not the roots that can succumb to fungal disease. Leave plenty of space between the plants that you will be growing. Yes, I said plants. How could you grow just one when there are so many to choose from? Lavender can be used in crafting and in culinary recipes as well.

So stop by our booth and pick up a couple of lavender plants and some growing and usage tips. Disclaimer: we will not be offering Herb of the Week specials on our website. You must purchase your plants from us at the Chattanooga Market.
See you Sunday!


Roses and Lilacs said...

What a lovely site.

I'm a long time Susan Albert Wittig reader myself and really enjoy her books.

Spending some pleasant time wondering around your webpage.

Herbfarmer said...

Dear Roses and Lilacs (love that blog name)...thanks for stopping by.