Monday, October 08, 2007

Dirt....a blogster's challenge

As a member of the blogster's list at Yahoo we are spending more time with our blogs as you would imagine. This week's challenge from blog leader, Tina, is to find something that may look insignificant to most people, but actually plays a very important role in our every day lives and where does it lead us.

I chose dirt as the subject of this challenge. Dirt covers a multitude of sins as they say here in the south. Dirt is found everywhere no matter how obsessive one cleans. Dirt clings. Dirt blows in the wind. Dirt can turn dirty. Dirt can be black gold if it is organic, rich and fragrant. Dirt is everyone's and no one's problem. Dirt is here to stay or so we can hope.

The picture shown here is a pot full of dirt with the last vestiges of a basil plant giving up and calling it quits for winter. Though the days are still warm, the plant has fought the long fight of the effects of a long hot, dry summer. The dirt is dark and rich but tired from water being poured into it to nourish the plant every day. When the dirt dries out it becomes hard, harsh and crumbly. The plant becomes sad and starts its journey to compost. is in the air, on the ground, in a pot, against the house and under my fingernails. An herb farmer likes it that way. If it wasn't for dirt the herb plants, as one small part of this planet, would not have anything to spread their roots in. The herb plants would not survive (nor anything else for that matter). Most dirt is made from leftover construction materials, foundation sand and other inorganic materials. Luckily there are sources for rich organic material that can feed and nurture the herb plants. The plants cannot survive without this black gold.


Geri said...

Ah, I can almost taste the rich, darkness of dirt on my tongue as I read this, Michele. You made me want to run outside and scoop up some from my yard!

Tina Sams said...

Dirt under the fingernails... the true treat for the gardener. said...

What a wonderful blog post.!! As an 'earth child' I love playing in the dirt. I even make my own 'mix' so to speak for my garden and pots. As you say, 'black gold' is the way to go.
I never wear gloves in the garden, cause I love the feel of dirt and there is nothing like the 'scent' of dirt. Geez. Dirt. we all have it but do we use it, to plant flowers and herbs for all the butterflies, bees and birds?
What a great post.!!

Angie Goodloe LMT, Herbalist said...

Great post!