Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Sunday's Chattanooga Market

Since the beginning of August we have been participating in a large farmers market in downtown Chattanooga. The Chattanooga Market brings in area farmers, crafters and artists each Sunday afternoon from mid-April till December. Each Sunday has a theme. Some of the upcoming themed Sundays are Oktoberfest, Native American Day, Holiday Market and so on. Farmers bring their wonderful produce and canned goods while crafters and artists bring their jewelry, woodworking, tie-dyed apparel and wreaths. The local bakeries also bring their wonderful baked goods such as breads and cookies.

We have really enjoyed the crowds and the response to what we offer has been amazing. We set up a display with our quart size and four inch cups of herb plants on one side of the table and offer our bath brews, potpourri, salts and simmering mixes on the cool stair step display that Pat built on the other side of the table. People can walk around the booth choosing to sniff, touch and sample the herbs or sniff the scents from the brews, salts and potpourri.

Each week we try to bring something new to entice the shoppers to spend time at our booth. Last Sunday we brought in our garlic braids made from California white garlic, a mild and tasty garlic. The braids were decorated with a swag of rosemary, chili peppers and thyme. We also brought in a wreath, booklets and tons of handmade soap. In the weeks to come we would like to bring more seasonal items such as little decorated rosemary trees, holiday scented soaps and potpourri. Maybe even a wreath or two will show up. You never know what we might bring. We're there every other Sunday through December 10th.

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Where fibers meet mud said...

Woo hoo!

Garlic! You rock! Wish that Chatanooga was not 8 hours away!