Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Beginning....Again

We begin yet again here at Possum Creek. It seems that with each year comes a new challenge, a new idea or another obstacle to climb over. Last year we took the steps to establish a wholesale division offering organically grown potted herb plants for nursery and garden businesses. Great success created another Where to put all of the herbs that we had to grow for our wholesale accounts. This year with the help of family and friends we will be installing another much larger greenhouse, our third. Since I am the grower and check writer for this endeavor I can sit on the sidelines....some of the time ...and journal what is taking shape. So, my lucky blog junkies get a play by play of what's going on in the hot southern sun. So, sit back and enjoy the cool of the air conditioning and watch us work.


Tina Sams said...

Hi Michele!
I'm looking forward to seeing your future posts as the new greenhouse is finished and filled.

Where fibers meet mud said...

Hi Michele,
Looking forward to that autumn weather you mentioned. My yard still looks like Close Encounters of a Second or Third Kind... Excavators make such a mess and digging a foundation to waterproof 50 years after the house is built is a horse of another color all together... needless to say I will order plants when the time is right - thinking Spring will be the time not fall at the speed we are not going in this hot hot weather... Looking forward to pictures of the green houses... Fran in steamy Ohio River valley