Saturday, March 31, 2007

Spring Blooming Beauties

Spent a little time this week taking pictures of the spring blooms inside and outside the greenhouses. Enjoy.

Spring has definitely sprung

With incredibly summer-like temps the past few weeks, spring came quickly to the herb farm this year. The flowering crab apple tree pictured here is just one of many blooming trees, shrubs, and bulbs. You can almost smell the sweetness of the blossoms and hear the bees buzzing as they begin their pollenating journeys.

We have been extremely busy here at the farm this past month. Wholesale orders are now being packed and shipped or delivered locally. Spring came early throughout the U.S. and with it are the daily phone calls of "I need my order now, please". UPS is a daily visitor here as cardboard boxes full of plants are driving off to points east and west. New to us this year is the order from a large local nursery, The Barn, in downtown Chattanooga. Each Thursday we make the trek from Soddy Daisy down to the nursery in our little plant toting caravan of three vehicles. With the truck and trailer being the principle plant carrier the other two vehicles carry the overflow. On average, over a thousand plants arrive fresh and ready for the nursery customers. We're learning how to create an availability list for local accounts and to have everything ready at a moment's notice. We're a happy, tired group. :)